How are Offshore Wind Farms Different from Onshore Wind Farms?

Offshore wind farms are wind turbines located in the ocean.

Now, many of you would have heard about the offshore wind farms and will indeed also be knowing that these are wind farms not located on land but in the sea. How else are these different from their onshore counterparts, apart from their locations?

-> Offshore wind turbines areĀ on average much larger than onshore wind turbines, While the largest onshore wind turbines (as of end 2014) are about 3 MW in size, there are plans to have offshore wind each of the capacity of about 10 MW. That’s a monster of a wind turbine

-> Offshore wind turbines generate much more electricity per year for the same capacity. This is owing to the fact that wind speeds are on average much higher offshore than onshore, and in addition, there is constant and consistent winds in the oceans, which is lacking in land. Thus, wind farms offshore have much higher Capacity Utilization Factor.

-> Offshore wind farms cost much more per MW than onshore wind farms, as there are a number of structural and electrical additions for offshore wind farms that are not required for onshore wind farms.